While studying at Utah Tech University, we understand that you may need to take some time away for a religious or humanitarian mission, military service, or other personal reasons. If you will be gone for more than three semesters (that includes summer semesters), you will want to submit a deferred admissions or leave of absence form prior to leaving. These forms will allow you to be away from Utah Tech for up to 7 semesters without having to reapply upon your return. If you have received a scholarship, the deferred admissions and leave of absence forms will also allow you to request a scholarship deferment.

*If you have extenuating circumstances that require you to be away from Utah Tech for more than 7 semesters, you can still be considered for deferred admission or a leave of absence. When you complete the deferred admission or leave of absence form, there is an extenuating circumstances section that allows you to explain your situation. These will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Which Form is Right for Me

Deferred Admission

If you have been admitted to Utah Tech, but have not registered for classes (with the exception of concurrent enrollment), you will need to complete a deferred admission form. Once you have completed the deferred admission form, see the deferred admission information sheet to determine your next step.

Leave of Absence

If you have attended at least one semester at Utah Tech (concurrent enrollment does not apply), and decide to take some time off from school, you will need to complete a leave of absence form. After you submit the leave of absence form, refer to the leave of absence information sheet for further instructions.


Students have the option to allow parents to access their records, and act on their behalf. When completing a deferred admission or leave of absence form, the student is able to list the name of the authorized parent(s). If an authorized parent is listed, the student will also need to provide a passphrase necessary to access the students account. To help your student complete the deferred admission or leave of absence process, please refer to the information for parents.